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The best MLOps platform to start AI/ML journey.

Save cost and train/serve any model within minutes. Security and privacy built in.
Run any code at it is
You can run any code as it is on EverlyAI cloud. You do not need to wrap your code in yet another framework or spend endless time setting up and managing AI infrastructure.
On the most trustworthy clouds
Your job runs on one of the most trustworthy clouds (AWS, Azure and GCP). You do not need to worry about unreliable machines, slow network or security.
Pay for what you use
No hidden cost for CPU, memory or disk usage. Scale up to hundreds of GPUs and down to zero GPU instantly. You only need to pay for actual GPU usages.
Compute cost
 / core / h
  Nvidia A100 80GB
 / h
  Nvidia A100 80GB x 8 (SXM)
 / h
  Nvidia T4
 / h
 / GB / h
 / GB / h

All the tools for LLM


A shared file system is automatically attached to all of your machines. You can access it just like any regular file system.

Web Endpoints

You can define any number of web endpoints and access them securely. Streaming is supported out of box.


We pick the best data center and cloud provider, and fail over automatically to provide the best reliability for your jobs.


With proprietory and intelligent multi-cloud orchestrator, we can scale your workload to thousands of GPUs within minutes.


Everly AI supports all libraries, frameworks and tools. With a few clicks, you can start any training, fine tuning or serving workflow.


All communications are encrypted. We don't keep your model or track any user traffic payload. Your data entirely belong to you.